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    Daddy's Girl Dairy (DGD) was honored last week by Dan Huntley (Extreme Barbecue: Smokin' Rigs and Real Good Recipes--available on Amazon) and Molly O'Neill (One Big Table--now available for preorder from Amazon) on August 14, 2010, by being chosen to feature the James Beard recognized creamy fresh cheese in their "Farmer's Feast" on Lake Wylie, SC. (Go to ) Two DGD cheese flavors were presented by Heath Sessions in two of the four courses--DGD's signature and best selling flavor "Get Naked" was served with local Cherokee Purple heirloom tomatoes and grilled eggplant and our "Vanilla Lavender" was served with a croissant, local fresh blackberries and chocolate sauce--YUM! YUM! YUM! Did I mention YUM!?
     I wish to thank Leigh Brinkley for the referral, Cat Harris for the weighted encouragement for continued "Vanilla Lavender" production, Rosemary Pete for the lavender, and Maria Fisher for loving the vanilla (pre-lavender), and Kim and Lamar Austin for their love and support.  

     Reaching beyond! Goldsboro's Brown Bag Cafe discovered Daddy's Girl Dairy this weekend (7/17/10) at the Riverhouse Winefest. I am so glad that Eastern NC is being introduced to one of the creamy fresh goat cheese flavors offered at DGD--Italian Delight! You must try the special of the week, Daddy's Girl Dairy Chicken Sandwich!!!   YUM!!   Enjoy and check the calender page to see where you can find my fresh cheese. Thank you Brown Bag Cafe for supporting NC's only GMO-free goat dairy! Check out their honors at    

     Daddy's Girl Dairy is honored to be chosen by Kitchen
 as the cheese maker for their appetizer entered into competition for the "Best Dish in North Carolina". Kitchen Roselli is a top 10 finalist in the casual dining category and is featuring Daddy's Girl Dairy creamy fresh cheese as part of their four course dining experience during the month
of June, 2010. 
     Laura has graciously invited Daddy's Girl Dairy to offer her creamy fresh cheese for sale at Kitchen Roselli in June. If you mention this website coupon, Laura will discount your cheese purchase 10%. 
     So, when you are visiting the Yadkin Valley Wineries and deciding where to dine, you may want to choose Kitchen Roselli in East Bend for one of the top 10 casual dining "Best Dishes" in North Carolina. 
     Thank you, Rosellis, for your support during your competition in June. I wish you success!        
Daddy's Girl Dairy
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Daddy's Girl Dairy is blessed to celebrate her sixth year as a unique and valued producer and farmer of GMO-free goat's milk cheese. She was recognized by the James Beard Foundation in her third year, 2007, as part of Taste America in Charlotte. She continues to expand her farmer's market presence by adding three new locations in 2009: Yadkinville, Conover, and the Dixie Classic Fairgrounds in Winston-Salem (a year-round farmer's market). By clicking on the calendar & event page, you will know where to find Daddy's Girl Dairy fresh cheese each week.
My favorite goat (when I permitted myself to have one) is shown above. Pumpkin is the hornless Nubian. I loved her soooo much because she proved to me that as long as I believed in what I was doing, followed the path of herbal treatment outlined by Juliette, and was patient, good would follow. Pumpkin was attacked by another goat and died six days later-five years after coming to the farm. Her beautiful daughter, Squash Blossom, carries her loving and lovely spirit.
    The best way to reach Daddy's Girl Dairy at this time is to call 336-468-4468. All calls are returned within 24 hours unless your message is not clear. If you do not hear from me within 24 hours of leaving your message, you should call again and leave a clear phone number.
If you are calling for Anniversary Event Tickets, please include the number you will be needing. Tickets are limited, so call soon! You and I will arrange ticket delivery that is most convenient. 
I am pleased to have you visit my webfarm for insight, inspiration, encouragement, and other life-changing support.

You may be only searching for food quality information, and I can provide some of that also. One rule to remember  is that all _______ is not the same. (You can fill in the blank with most any word.) I'll be utilizing the spaces following to help you determine that all fresh goat-milk cheese is not the same.  
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